Midnight Wellness started when our CEO had the idea of sharing her weight loss secrets with the world. Partnering with the manufacturers to create the supplements she took to lose weight, she decided she wanted to put a twist on these formulas and share them with the world.

Determined not to be one of those women who refuses to share their secrets, Midnight Wellness began so that everyone can look their best & feel confident! As the brand evolves Midnight Wellness will continue to introduce products that not only introduce weight loss but also self love, confidence and complete health & fitness.


With 4 years of business under our belt and more than 5000 clients, we hope to continue helping women with their body, mind and soul - who struggle losing weight, who’s mental health is giving them a hard time, or who are just feeling like they are not in a good place. Midnight provides wellness products, supplements and education on how to love themselves so that they can feel safe, belonged and listened to.


We strive to help you find your best and healthiest self, by providing herbal supplements, and fitness products that transforms your body and mind into the best shape. With the name “Midnight” our message is that it’s never too late for anything. It is never too late to find balance and health, and get started on the journey toward a better, more mindful life.

  • The Magic Pill

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    The Magic PillThe Magic Pill
  • Slimming Coffee

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    Slimming CoffeeSlimming Coffee
  • Carb Attackers

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    Carb AttackersCarb Attackers
  • Girl Get Snatched

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    Girl Get SnatchedGirl Get Snatched
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